Magnet Cycling Tester for Clamping Testing Toy Magnetic

25W AC motor with speed control Output speed 2rpm

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Product information

25W AC motor with speed control
Output speed 2rpm
with protect cover
metal Clamp for Clamping testing toy magnetic
Metal Clamp can adjust the angle and the height
Control box Includes speed controller
Power on Lamp
Includes two clamps,clamp 1 ,clamp 2 and removable clamp 2, total 3 clamps


Test methods

New magnet test method (ASTM F963-08)
Magnet use and abuse testing
Each component is tested in order and tested on a new sample.
Life test in receiving state
Test 1000 cycles
Separate the magnet parts by a certain distance so that they attract each other under the action of the magnetic force and then separate them, which is a cycle.
If there are no other magnets or magnet parts, you can use metal parts instead of the toy's intended use pattern.
Impact test
Place the test sample on the horizontal surface in the most unfavourable direction