Vacuum Film Applicator Bed

BGD 217 Vacuum Film Applicator Bed

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Vacuum Film Applicator Bed 2

These drawdown vacuum plates are machined from hard aluminum solid stock and finished with grey hard coat anodized that gives a high durability with corrosion resistance that will dramatically increases wear and longevity of the vacuum plate. The top section of the plate has a series of holes. When attached by a hose connection to a vacuum pump or sink aspirator, the vacuum created holds down paper charts during application of wet coatings with any type of film applicator.

Each plate comes complete with a chrome plated brass ball valve with an easy on/off lever handle to enable or disable vacuum, and includes a high quality vacuum pump.

 Ordering information

    BGD 217/1--- Vacuum Film Applicator Bed

    Overall size360×250×32.5mm

    Area with hole size290×190mm

    BGD 217/2--- Vacuum Film Applicator Bed

    Overall size533×340×32.5mm

    Area with hole size460×270mm