Colorimeter CS220

Can test powder and colloid
Enhance the measure accuracy through calibration

Base price 38000 ฿
CS220 3
CS220 1

Features :

*  Professional design,  powerful instrument functions

*  Obtained China Metrology Accredition, Human engineering design

*  Both Chinese and English language options  

*  Specular component excluded (SCE)

*  Can test powder and colloid

*  PC software for date and statistical management

*  Yellowness and whiteness measurement

*  Multi-point measurement for averaging

*  Ultra stable performance, Large data strong space

*   Display precision 0.01; epeatability  precision  ΔE’ s  standard  deviation 0.08

*   Measure at multiple spots for average

*   Enhance the measure accuracy through calibration

*   Multiple modes of color values

*   Provides accurate measuring time settings

*   Can manually set up L*a*b* value for standard samples